About This Blog

My reading & writing experience is mostly what I mean to use this blog for. I read a lot, write a lot, think a lot about what I read, write, and learn. Sometimes, I feel the need to express myself about that matter, and neither FaceBook nor Twitter offer enough: they are mostly about sharing (which is not exactly my main focus), rather than expressing oneself. GoodReads is a nice move in that direction, but quite focussed on books and book reviews–which is surely great, but not enough.

Of course, there is no longer a “pure reading experience”, nowadays, out of the new technologies and devices that fill our everyday experience: and, I like crossing lines, and blurring boundaries. So, many of the posts are likely to involve software and hardware items, computational tools and ecosystems, along with the memes and texts I get through them.

But this may change, grow, or turn into nothing. For now, it just started: this is one of my “voices” on the network, and a way to express myself about one of my favourite topics.

Andrea Omicini, 18/8/2012


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