Personal Archeology: libmwaw vs. FullWrite Professional

FullWrite Pro

Tonight, “stimulated” (so to say) by an incredibly old-fashioned editorial system of a journal, I suddenly bumped into a memory: my old papers, my first (almost) scientific production, was written using a no-longer existing word processor. It was called FullWrite Professional, and (beside being one of the first famous cases of vapourware) it was also one of the best Mac word processors ever. The problem is: it just vanished in 1998, and my files were no longer accessible / readable / nothing. Sadness: nothing so important, but…

Then I looked around and, after a little while, I found libmwaw, a tool apparently meant to “import library for some old mac text documents”. Downloaded, used, just worked. Magic! Well, it did not probably add any scientific value to my earlier technical and scientific materials: however, it brought them back to life, with most of the formatting, and all of the pictures. Just that.

I was finally able to re-read my papers, notes, tests, data from 1991 to 1994: a minor shock, personal archeology, nothing to be shared, maybe… but also some small, stupid, yet welcome happiness, tonight 🙂


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